Intensive Programs

Not all clients are best served by standard treatment schedules. This is why Dr. Rockman has created an intensive program structure option. This flexible model allows Dr. Rockman to create an intensive therapy schedule that best fits each patients' needs. Depending on the details of the situation, custom schedules can include 3 days, 5 days or more of consecutive treatment.

This option is perfect for a wide range of scenarios, but is most commonly used for the following:

- Crisis Management For Marriages 

- Individual Addiction Support 

- Group and Individual Trauma Support 

- Family Support for Addiction 

- Family Support for Tragedy

If you are interested in an intensive therapy program please contact Dr. Rockman directly via the form below or call 657-223-3442.

Please note that in most cases, your insurance provider will cover a portion of the cost of these programs.

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